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Greetings, and welcome to Swimtopia for the Forest Knolls Seahawks 2020 season!

Here are the Practice Rules for 2020:

  • Coaches will emphasize the procedures and remind swimmers that masks are a social responsibility for everyone. This summer is an opportunity for the kids to learn social distancing procedures in a safe environment while getting some summer exercise.
  • Please, parents, assess for yourself the maturity of your swimmers in being able to follow procedures before you register. Coaches will not give any leeway on social distancing procedures, and swimmers that can't comply will be told they can't participate anymore.
  • Practice will be from 8am-11:30am Monday-Friday broken into assigned practice sessions.
  • 5/6 sessions daily. Four 30 min sessions for younger kids. Two 45 minute sessions for older kids.
  • 30 minute sessions. 7 swimmers per session. 1 swimmer per lane. Alternate daily which swimmer gets the step lane.
  • 45 minute sessions. ~14 swimmers per session. 2 swimmers per lane but only if the 2 swimmers are from the same family, and those 2 swimmers will alternate who is in the water to start. Otherwise 1 swimmer per lane. Alternate daily which swimmers get the step lane.
  • No parents will be allowed inside the fence.
  • Swimmers come to pool ready to swim and leave without changing.
  • Swimmers wait at designated spots outside on sidewalk for a coach to come out and get them for their session.
  • Swimmers wear masks into pool area. They have a chair at the end of their lane for their belongings. (Coaches change out chairs between sessions)
  • Swimmers drop off belongings and take off masks and get in the water.
  • Coaches wear masks until all swimmers are in the water at which time they can remove their masks to give instruction as long as they stay 6 feet back from the pool.
  • After their session, swimmers gather belongings and exit promptly through the side gate. Coaches mask up to interact with next session.
  • Bathrooms are for emergency use only. One swimmer at a time.

We're excited to see all new and returning swim team members!

This is our 5th year managing the entire swim team through this website which is powered by Swimtopia.  When you log in to Swimtopia to register your children for the 2020 season, all of your information will carry over from last season! We'll continue to use this site to manage all aspects of your swim season including volunteer sign up, choosing swimmer's availability for A Meets, choosing swimmer's availability and events for B Meets, checking practice schedules, and signing up to attend and help out with social events.  

You'll want to bookmark this page on your phone's browser too!  Although you can download the Swimtopia app from the App Store or Google Play, the app does not contain the entire functionality of the website.  On the app, you'll be able to view upcoming events and meets, but you can't change your swimmers' availability or choose events for B Meets or volunteer - for that you'll need to log in here.

Registration for the swim team and pre-team is open and available when you see the green "Register Now!" button on this page.

  • If you are a returning family, log in to Swimtopia before clicking the "Register Now!" button and all of your information from last season will be pre-loaded.  Make any corrections as you fill out the forms.
  • If you are new to Forest Knolls Swim Team register your family for swim team by clicking the green "Register Now!" button and following the directions on the Registration form.  Enter all members of your family, including your spouse or any other parent/guardian/grandparent that you'd like to have access to swim team information, at the same time. Then, create a Swimtopia account for yourself.  Once you have filled out the Registration form, you and your spouse (or any other parent/guardian/grandparent for whom you've entered an email account at registration) will each receive an invitation via email to create separate Swimtopia accounts which will be linked to your family.
  • Everyone, send in payment to complete your registration!  Directions for payment can be found within the Registration form. 

Don't forget to cruise around and check out the site!

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